EXTRA CBD - Lavender + Frankincense Relief Rub

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Lavender & Chill

Ditch the Ibuprofen and feel better naturally with Mad Ritual. 

Our Lavender + Frankincense blend is great for those who are looking for a relaxing, calming aromatherapy experience while relieving discomfort. May help with relieving menstrual pain, improving dry complexion, easing sore muscles and soothing irritated skin. For every day wellness, use before bed with a self-massage ritual to ensure a good night's rest. Contains double the CBD for longer lasting results.

Endless Uses

Put it where it hurts! Use daily to help relieve soreness, tightness and discomforts like headaches, cramps, joint pain, irritated skin, sunburns and bug bites. Perfect for deep tissue massage to reduce stress and the pain caused by inflammation. Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Simple Ingredients: 

Ingredients: Shea Butter*, Olive Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Cocoa Butter*, Carnauba Wax*, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Distillate*, Lavender Essential Oil*, and Frankincense Essential Oil*. *=ORGANIC

Product Care

Store in a cool, dry place to help preserve the consistency. If consistency and texture changes, simply melt in your oven at the lowest temperature, solidify in fridge and you're good to go! 

Net Wt. 2oz, 400mg CBD oil 

Customer Reviews

Based on 284 reviews
Sara W. (Peoria, AZ)
Immediate Relief, Full body, Amazing Smells!

I have been using this CBD for a few years now. I was gifted it by my Mother when I was in Extreme Pain & she was Gifted it from my Sister that lives in Seattle when she was in pain. Sharing is Caring!!! I refuse to take any medications, so this has been a great alternative! I use the Heating pad in pained area for about 20 minutes, then apply and I sleep like a baby! Soooo thankful for this Brilliant company and the Love that goes into every Jar! We Appreciate You All!

Carole S. (Wilsonville, OR)
works great!

I use it every night on my arthritic feet and it works wonders!

Emily M. (Seattle, WA)
Lavender + Frankincense

I love the smell. I rub it on my sore joints before bed and it seems to help! Very relaxing and soothing.

Lois B. (Staunton, VA)

My daughter has fibromyalgia and it helps with her stiffness and lessens her pain

cyndie a. (New York, NY)
Great product

I picked up a container at the New Age Expo in Ct. Have been using the extra strength on my shoulder knees and feet. I have the one that is odorless ..
Just reordered online.

Karen G. (Tacoma, WA)
Sore muscle relief!

We love Mad Ritual! I use it every night as part of my nighttime routine. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take care of their body.

Douglas S. (San Jose, CA)
The best product for my pain

I injured my lower back years ago and have been seeing a chiropractor and using Lidocaine since. I have also been taking a statin for years and recently got hit with one of the "side affects". My major joints became devastatingly painful. The muscles and tendons became "damaged". Had multiple medical tests performed ruling out everything else. For the hips and shoulders I was given predisone. This only helped a little. Lidocaine did nothing for the station damage. I have to let the statin leave my body. Only Mad Ritual gave me relief. It also works much better on my back pain. It does remove the pain, but reduces it enough so that I can function and sleep. I have tried other CBD creams etc., none of them helped like Mad Ritual.

Carol C. (Seattle, WA)
Extra strength CBD lavender& frankincense

Have used it for ligament, tendon and joint pain from overuse and injury. Takes only minutes from use to easing of the pain.