Rest + Relief 2 Pack (Set of 2 CBD Muscle Rubs)

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Sore From Life?™

Meet our CBD Rest & Relief Set

 Enjoy all the benefits of CBD and self massage with our Rest + Relief CBD Muscle Relief Rubs (Set of 2). This set includes our 2 best selling blends and a self-massage guide to help release tension, improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and promote overall wellness. Use the self massage guide that's included or freestyle based on what your bod needs!

Each tin of CBD Muscle Balm contains 200mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

Relief Balm: Eucalyptus + Peppermint CBD Relief Rub

Aromatherapy Profile: Uplifting, soothing, refreshing, energizing

Morning Ritual: Take an extra moment to care for any problem areas first thing so you can feel your best. CBD does all the heavy lifting while Eucalyptus + Peppermint essential oils leave you feeling energized and ready to conquer the day.

Rest Balm: Lavender + Frankincense CBD Relief Rub

Aromatherapy Profile: Relaxing, sedative, soothing, calming

Sleep Ritual: Before you get ready to count sheep, treat yourself to a pain-relieving massage to melt away the tension from the day. Lavender + Frankincense essential oils help to relax the mind and body so you can drift into dreamland. 

Independent Lab Testing Results

*Because we don't use any synthetic emulsifiers, the texture of your balm may change over time. Store in a cool, dry place to help preserve the consistency. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 223 reviews
Brandon L. (Verona, VA)
Great stuff!

This stuff works great for chronic pain related to fibromyalgia.

SI D. (Seattle, WA)
Recovery and ready for the next workout

Relief Rub helps my older post op shoulder relax so it can recover for the next workout. Relieves the ache so I can sleep and get the recovery sleep that’s essential to better performance the next time.

Alpine S. (Seattle, WA)

I’m a trail runner and a runner in general. Also do a lot of core and weight work outs to support my running. I have found Mad Ritual Max strength works really well on my shoulders and hips. Any of my sore muscle groups really. Highly recommend. It smells great, not a strong odor at all. Easy to apply. I’ll be stocking up on this product. It’s going to be a busy racing schedule this summer!

Emily N. (Oak Harbor, WA)
Orange DREAM

Love this extra strength bergamot-lime scent! It’s so creamy, works practically instantly and smells like a mild citrus grove. Not too strong of a scent. Perfect!!

jacqueline h. (Tipp City, OH)
Full Strength

Tried the double strength this time. Works even longer on sore muscles.

Krissy B. (Sacramento, CA)
The Best

Soo, I’ve reviewed before, but I HAVE to review again! I recently purchased the new Extra Strength no scent balm. I had only used the different scented ones before & figured it’d be good to get a non scented one to try also (the more Mad Ritual, the better, right?). Well, I’m on chemo for a blood cancer & will be indefinitely (until there is a cure). When I get my injection, it leaves a rash at the injection site that itches like crazy & kind of swells. I didn’t want to use a scented balm on the area, just in case. I applied the Extra Strength no scent balm on the area & I’ll tell ya, it worked like a charm! I didn’t have to reapply as much as I would with an over the counter product & the raised portion went away in about a day (it usually lasts 2-3 days). I also get a migraine 1-3 days after chemo & scents are not what I want to smell during them. Using the no scent option really helped when I rubbed it on my forehead & temples. I have to take enough pills for my cancer, I don’t want to have to take another to make my headache/migraine go away. I hate taking pills as it is…even after 6 1/2 years.
I will always recommend Mad Ritual products to anybody dealing with aches, pains, rash, whatever! Best product out there in my opinion!!

Amanda (Sammamish, WA)
has helped with post run sore muscles and more!

I originally purchased Mad Ritual balm for post running/hiking sore muscles. It was great for that but I was especially impressed when I had an achy back from sleeping in an odd position and in an impressively short amount of time after applying Mad Ritual I was pain free. Usually I would need a deep tissue massage for that release. I've also starting applying a little bit to a scar when it bothers me. It's too soon to tell if there are long term scar reducing benefits but it does help relieve the immediate discomfort. So many uses!

Jo A.R. (Issaquah, WA)
Help for chronic pain

I use MR balm on my arthritic hands and while it doesn’t alleviate the pain it lessens it.