Healing with CBD

CBD gifts are an extremely popular subcategory of wellness gifts, well-known for their pain relief and healing properties. In our latest GiftRap, the GDA editors share the top CBD products they’re using to address specific ailments, from sore feet to clogged pores.

Alex Herring’s Pick: For Tired Muscles

Now that I’ve reached 37 weeks pregnant, my husband and I are officially on “baby watch.” We’ve done all the necessary prep that we can, from installing the infant car seat to packing our overnight hospital bags. My bag is stuffed to the brim with things we’ll need for labor and delivery: comfy clothes, snacks and, of course, a ‘welcome home’ outfit for baby. Since I know giving birth will be a tough ordeal on my body, I’m also bringing Mad Ritual’s CBD Recovery Balm. The natural ingredients will be good for my eczema-sensitive skin and alleviating to my aches and pains I’m bound to feel as a brand new mama. Plus, since the balm is also safe for pets, I can use it to treat my dog’s dry and cracked paws once we’re back home.

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June 26, 2020