Unscented CBD Relief Rub

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Being Sore Sucks!

Ditch the Ibuprofen and feel better naturally with Mad Ritual. 

Our unscented blend is great for those who prefer no aromatherapy or have ultra sensitive skin. Ease minor discomforts, hydrate skin and more. This balm can even be used topically on your furry friends! Add your own essential oils to create unique and soothing blends to enjoy. 

Endless Uses

Use daily to relieve soreness, tightness and discomforts like headaches, cramps, joint pain, irritated skin, sunburns, and bug bites. Perfect for deep tissue massage to reduce stress and the pain caused by inflammation. Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Simple Ingredients

Shea Butter*, Olive Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Cocoa Butter*, Carnauba Wax*, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Distillate*. *=ORGANIC

Product Care

Store in a cool, dry place to help preserve the consistency. If consistency and texture changes over time, simply melt in the oven at lowest temperature, solidify in fridge and you're good to go!

Net Wt. 2oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 219 reviews
jacqueline h. (Tipp City, OH)
Full Strength

Tried the double strength this time. Works even longer on sore muscles.

Krissy B. (Sacramento, CA)
The Best

Soo, I’ve reviewed before, but I HAVE to review again! I recently purchased the new Extra Strength no scent balm. I had only used the different scented ones before & figured it’d be good to get a non scented one to try also (the more Mad Ritual, the better, right?). Well, I’m on chemo for a blood cancer & will be indefinitely (until there is a cure). When I get my injection, it leaves a rash at the injection site that itches like crazy & kind of swells. I didn’t want to use a scented balm on the area, just in case. I applied the Extra Strength no scent balm on the area & I’ll tell ya, it worked like a charm! I didn’t have to reapply as much as I would with an over the counter product & the raised portion went away in about a day (it usually lasts 2-3 days). I also get a migraine 1-3 days after chemo & scents are not what I want to smell during them. Using the no scent option really helped when I rubbed it on my forehead & temples. I have to take enough pills for my cancer, I don’t want to have to take another to make my headache/migraine go away. I hate taking pills as it is…even after 6 1/2 years.
I will always recommend Mad Ritual products to anybody dealing with aches, pains, rash, whatever! Best product out there in my opinion!!

Amanda (Sammamish, WA)
has helped with post run sore muscles and more!

I originally purchased Mad Ritual balm for post running/hiking sore muscles. It was great for that but I was especially impressed when I had an achy back from sleeping in an odd position and in an impressively short amount of time after applying Mad Ritual I was pain free. Usually I would need a deep tissue massage for that release. I've also starting applying a little bit to a scar when it bothers me. It's too soon to tell if there are long term scar reducing benefits but it does help relieve the immediate discomfort. So many uses!

Jo A.R. (Issaquah, WA)
Help for chronic pain

I use MR balm on my arthritic hands and while it doesn’t alleviate the pain it lessens it.

C.G. (Elgin, IL)

Great for sore muscles! Love the massage guide that comes with it. Super cute packing and both scents smell great! Reordering as soon as I run out.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review and happy to hear you love the product. Be sure to checkout our new Bergamot, Orange + Lime rub - it's citrusy and bright!

Frankie (Woonsocket, RI)
Best cbd balm I’ve ever used

Only product that alleviates pain and discomfort for me.

Krissy B. (Sacramento, CA)
THE Best

I would recommend Mad Ritual to anybody that is looking for a good CBD product. These balms & bombs are the best items with CBD I have found over the last 6.5 years looking for a topical or soaking pain relief. I’ve also found that I can put it on instead of lotion if I don’t have any in a pinch. It really helps moisturizer my skin. I recommended Mad Ritual products, as my 6 year old son says, “10 hundred million trillion bazillion and more”. 🤣

SI D. (Seattle, WA)
Saved me after a hard, hard workout.

I’m working my way back to higher fitness. I didn’t think I would be able to walk the next day without ibuprofen etc etc. Before bed & after a hot shower used my new Mad Ritual on my knees & quads and the next day got out of bed refreshed with minimal aches!! Unreal!
I’m 65 yrs old and grateful