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What a relief!

The discovery of Mad Ritual balm came at the perfect time in our fitness journeys. We keep 2 tins handy: one in the bathroom for post-shower applications (so lovely on warm skin) and the other in the den for shin & knee massages while flaking in front of the TV. The eucalyptus + peppermint is our favorite for the healing/refreshing vibes.

good product

I use this on sore muscles and it does help provide relief. I have the lavender and frankincense one and the smell is nice as well which is a plus.

Worth it

I’ve tried a few different CBD rubs, and this one is the best by far. I am a runner and I use this on my hips and feet when they’re achy after a long run. The scent is fabulous and doesn’t have a funky or a weird smell. Can’t recommend it enough!

A necessity in daily selfcare

Mad Ritual has become a large component in creating my healthy environment. It's on par with restful sleep, exercise, meditation, hydration and sound eating habits. It has become an evening ritual and an intentional means of ending my day. I'm a 53 year old
who works hard and plays hard. And eternally thankful for the Mad Ritual relief rubs. Absolutely a necessity.

CBD Bath Bombs
Victoria R. (Lufkin, TX)
Great product!

Fast shipping. Amazing bath bombs… and excellent customer service!!

Cbd ointment

Great product

Soak + Renew™ Bundles
Christopher C. (St. Petersburg, FL)

The bath bombs and relief rub are both awesome products. The relief rub works so well, I’m amazed!!

50mg CBD Bath Bombs
Laura F. (Spanaway, WA)
Perfect after a long run!

Using the bath bombs are the perfect accessory to a bath after a long run! I feel so relaxed after and ready for a nap after.

CBD Relief Rubs
Javalady (Kent, WA)
Relief that works!!

I have shoulder tendinitis and instead of loading my body up with a bunch of NSAID’s I am able to compliment my self care/pain management with Mad Ritual!! It works so well and it really IS my ritual!! I trust the ingredients and highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

CBD Relief Rubs
Ann O. (Bolivar, MO)
Love this stuff!

Helps so much with joint pain! I almost ran out.....yikes!

CBD Relief Rubs
Kory R. (Lake Stevens, WA)

BEST option for pain relief! Nearly instant. Love these products, and the people behind them!

CBD Relief Rubs
Andrew S. (Seattle, WA)

Hands down the best CBD Rubs & Bombs. We believe it in so much that we retail both products in our cafes! Keep up the great work. 🫶🏽

CBD Relief Rubs
Maria V. (Hilo, HI)
This works on tight shoulders!

I have perpetually tight shoulders from stress, and was a bit skeptical about this working. Well, I rubbed some in right before a flight with a toddler that had multiple delays. Guess what? After landing, I did not have tight stressful shoulders. This stuff works, and I turned on other family members to this stuff, and they sing its praises for headaches and arthritic hands.

Ab-so-freakin AHMAZING!!!

The scent alone is to die for, then add in that it’s a balm…swoon!!! Run and order!!!

CBD Bath Bomb - Sandalwood + Vetiver
Krissy B. (Los Angeles, CA)
Amaz-balls!! As Usual!!

I absolutely love every item I’ve purchased. This new scent is not different. Actually, I REALLY like this new scent. It’s a tie really between this one and the Orange. I recommend Max Ritual to everybody.

CBD Relief Rubs
Alpine S. (Seattle, WA)
I carry this in my pack all the time!

I really got hooked on this Bergamot-orange-lime extra strength rub. It’s my go to on the sore spots on my hip, calves or knuckles. Being a trail runner, it’s not IF you fall, it When you fall 😂. This product helps soften the blows I take training . I love this ointment and continue to purchase it. I recommend it to my friends. I go through the tin very easily and happily. It’s a multifunctional rub for me, moisturizes and helps mitigate the pain of some of the trail run adventure mishaps 😂❤️🌲🏔🏔

CBD Relief Rubs
Madeline M. (Redmond, WA)
Great for runners

After receiving a sample of this at the Seattle marathon, I bought some because I really liked how it helped soothe my soreness and it smells good.

Unscented, Eucalyptus + Peppermint, & Bergamot, Orange + Lime

I have tried all of the above and I love them. They work great.

I am sensitive to many scents and none of these bother me! I still prefer the unscented as I am often in medical facilities and scent-free products are greatly preferred. I am just amazed and delighted that I clicked all of the scents and they are all just pleasant instead of feeling like they’ve been rammed up my nose.

Thank you, Mad Ritual!

CBD Relief Rub - Unscented
Rhonda M. (Durham, NC)
Helps ease pain.

The Relief Rub goes after pain at the source. I love that this is unscented. Helped my shoulder a lot!

The bomb.

These guys are PERFECT when you need some relief from sore muscles. They work great!!

Love the product but expensive!

Absolutely love these bath bombs. The fragrance and cvs content are incredible. I just wish the price point were lower so I could purchase and use regularly.

Hi Kara, Thanks so much for taking time to review our bath bombs and your feedback is much appreciated. We're working on a few new things so stay tuned!

CBD Relief Rubs
Larry L.C. (St Louis, MO)

Very good product smells great and relieves my pain

CBD Relief Rub - Unscented
Larry L.C. (St Louis, MO)

It is as good as the other rubs just no real smell. Even tho I like the scented ones too this one has no smell. But as with th e others scents this product really relieves my pain within minutes and helps keep me pain free all day

Thanks for being such a great customer, Larry!

Do not leave home without it!

I am currently doing a 5k run streak, and I am over 200 days in. I can say that I rely on this product to keep me going. There are some days that my legs are just done, and I use Mad Ritual for every aching spot that comes up. I use both the extra strength and the full. 5 stars everyday!

CBD Relief Rubs
Ana S. (Alexandria, VA)
This is my second order

I am loving mad ritual - reordered a second time. Like the first one a little more. The lavender one is really good. The bergamot has a little strange smell, but it works very well! Would recommend!