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Relief at its finest

I’m so glad that I purchased this relief and recovery bundle. If only I had bought 2 of them; one for the gym bag and one for my purse.
I noticed a real need for Mad Ritual just recently after an intense workout. The day after is when I had to really apply the cbd balm on sore areas. My traps and back of my neck is where I applied and self massaged. I feel so much better after the application.

Unscented CBD Balm (Base Only)
Amber B. (Little Elm, TX)
My pup loves!

Bought the unscented balm to rub on my aussiedoodle paws after long walks. We do a lot of neighborhood street walking and noticed his paws were rough. Tried this 2x on him now & he likes it. He lays down and just enjoys the mini massage on his paws. Perfect solution for relaxing the pup & his tired paws. Thanks MadRitual!

CBD Recovery Balm
Larry W. (Gustine, CA)

Great stuff, keeps me on my feet!

Eucalyptus + Peppermint CBD Balm
Marian S. (Lancaster, CA)

Love it

CBD Recovery Balm
Sarah P. (Spring, TX)
A must-have!

This product works wonders on aching muscles, I sleep so well at night after massaging my pain away. Thanks!

Rest + Relief CBD Muscle Balms (Set of 2)
Jennifer S. (Los Angeles, CA)
Love it!

I have chronic shoulder pain and my husband always uses this for massages to help reduce my tension!

Great for post skiing/cycling/surf/run

Love the product and can’t get enough of it. If you’re going 24/7 and need a little help along the way, this product will be your best friend.

CBD Recovery Balm
AMY B. (Lufkin, TX)
Mad Ritual has been a life saver for my MS symptoms and my back pain.

I've tried other CBD products for my arthritic lower back, my MS symptoms, including my restless legs, and they helped for a while. Then my husband found Mad Ritual at a local feed store and bought one for me. I was AMAZED at how it worked... almost instantly!! II'll admit...I want crazy about the smell of the "unscented" flavor, but I used it anyway. It gave me the ability to get yard work done, clean the horse stalls, and all kinds of things that usually kill my back. It also works on my legs and feet and helping with my other symptoms of MS. I tried the other 2 flavors and I prefer the lavender one. Regardless of the scent... they all worked the same. My hubby uses it now too when he aches from work. We both love it! Don't know what I'd do without it... guess I wouldn't be doing much of anything. Thank you Mad Ritual!!

CBD Recovery Balm
Sandy R.B. (Saint Paul, MN)
Miracle balm

We are 60. Joints ache. Muscles ache. This balm works INSTANTLY on my husband. It takes some time but definitely works for me too. Then my hubs put it on a swelled bug bite!!!! It disappeared!!! No itching , no swelling. HUGE FAN.

Best bath bomb ever

I really enjoyed this bath bomb so much. The fizzle lasted a long time and the smell is amazing. It's a larger sized bomb than most I've tried before. It is so relaxing it helped my sore muscles and helped me relax. Definitely getting these again!

Love these muscle balms

I am loving these Rest + Relief CBD muscle balms! I use these for muscle pains and headaches. They both smell nice and are not overpowering. I love how convenient the tins are, I keep one in my purse and one at home so I always have one around.

CBD Recovery Balm
Nicole T. (Seattle, WA)
The best balm!

I've been using Mad Ritual CBD recovery balm for a couple of years now, and nothing helps my back pain quite like it! If I'm sore or in moderate pain and don't want to take pain killers, I'll plop some balm on my back and rub it in and feel better very soon! It smells wonderful, too!

CBD Bath Bomb - Eucalyptus + Peppermint
Tracy A. (Maple Valley, WA)
I melted into bed after using Mad Ritual's CBD Bath Bomb!

I could not be happier with Mad Ritual's CBD Bath Bomb. It's been years since I spent that much time in a tub and enjoyed it. I've already shared my experience with friends and family and they concur--BEST THING EVER! So relaxing you just melt into bed for a solid and rejuvenating full night of sleep.

Eucalyptus + Peppermint CBD Balm
Olivia G. (Arlington, WA)
Pleasantly pleased

Well I’d go ahead and say I don’t leave enough reviews of things and such that I purchase. And I guess ya caught me at the right time to say I am pleasantly surprised that this CBD actually subsides my shoulder pain.
I’m an interior/exterior painter and after a certain amount of hours I get this knot/pain in my upper right shoulder. I found this and thought I’d give it a try. The skeptical-ness is only derived from the multitude of things I’ve tried with no success.. but alas Mad Ritual done did the thing.
I truly appreciate this earthly product more than you’ll know.
Thanks again.
Peeps.. buy it. Or don’t.. but you probably should. 🙃✌🏼

Lavender + Frankincense CBD Balm
Lizzie B. (Seattle, WA)
Forever and always my favorite!

I've been using this for years and it never disappoints. I genuinely don't remember how I used to get through my chronic pain before it! Obsessed!

Everything about these is great!

I love the Mad Ritual bath bombs. The cbd bath therapy is fantastic, the color the water becomes is mesmerizing, AND now the packaging has been reduced to reduce waste! Using one of these bombs has become one of my go-to relaxation/recovery staples for my legs and back.

Lavender + Frankincense CBD Balm
Mike R. (Hamilton, ON)
Supernatural Substance

I first read about this product in a Triathlete Magazine. I was a little skeptical as I have experimented with many topical lotions and potions throughout my athletic career. This product however is AMAZING! It works! I apply it at night before bed to sore areas. I wake up in the morning feeling more recovered ! A fantastic product that actually works.

Eucalyptus + Peppermint CBD Balm
Stacy C. (Walpole, MA)
The best CBD cream!

This cream is so soothing - and really relieves the pain from tense muscles. I love it!

Amazing - so relaxing & a lovely scent!

I received these as part of a race that I participated in. They are lovely! Wonderful scents, & totally relaxing. Highly recommend!

Rheumatoid Arthritis has finally met its match!

As a life-long chronically ill gal, I’ve had a very hard time finding solutions that actually helped with the pain. I’ve tried Sugar & Kush products (didn’t feel much). Bought kratom pills (only worked for a little bit). Doing yoga (lol for my wrists, no modification worked, and it surely didn’t bring joint pain relief). The list goes on and on. Then, I was introduced to Mad Ritual balms by a friend in the polymer clay community, Erin, and I cannot thank y’all enough for creating this product. HOLY WOW.
I did tests for the last month to make sure it wasn’t just a placebo effect on the first day when it brought me great relief. Thankfully, this balm is truly amazing. The scents are awesome, a little goes a LONG way, AND when I use the balm on my jaw joints, it has never clogged my pores (instead it hydrated my skin! I loved the effect!).
So, from the chronic-pain Queen, take it from me and get this freakin balm!!

CBD Recovery Balm
Brooke K. (Issaquah, WA)
The best!

So happy to have met Jessica and be introduced to this amazing brand. Quality ingredients AND it works! Smells great too!

Mad Ritual Blue Crewneck
Ashton W. (Seattle, WA)
Cozy Sweatshirt

Love my new Mad Ritual sweatshirt! It’s like wearing a huggable billboard! And I get to support my favorite team while I’m at it. (They do run a bit large, so if you’re between sizes, order down.)

Eucalyptus + Peppermint CBD Balm
Doyla D. (Olympia, WA)

Eucalyptus + Peppermint CBD Balm

Lavender + Frankincense CBD Balm
Kimberly P. (Baltimore, MD)
Lavender n Frankincense balm

It's SO SO Soothing!!! LOVE!!!

Rest + Relief CBD Muscle Balms (Set of 2)
Jan W. (Winter Garden, FL)
The very best CBD on the market hands down

I recently purchased a couple of tins of the Mad Ritual Lavender and Frankicense CBD for a badly injured old Hip, and knee.
To be honest I had tried numerous CBD salves, balms, rubs without any help. Then I found this Mad Ritual balve & I was surprised it worked so well. I did a deep massage into my hip and knee. Then went to bed. It slept all night without excruciating pain waking me up. Very pleasantly surprised and now it has been several days applying AM & PM consistently. I decided to use it in my office, and let my clients use it. There has been no other CBD I would offer them.