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Unscented, Eucalyptus + Peppermint, & Bergamot, Orange + Lime

I have tried all of the above and I love them. They work great.

I am sensitive to many scents and none of these bother me! I still prefer the unscented as I am often in medical facilities and scent-free products are greatly preferred. I am just amazed and delighted that I clicked all of the scents and they are all just pleasant instead of feeling like they’ve been rammed up my nose.

Thank you, Mad Ritual!

I put it somewhere safe

Sooooo I’ve bought this twice along with some of the other scents and both times I put it somewhere *safe*. I’m sure, based on the other three versions that it is wonderful and I look forward to confirming that for myself. Whenever I find it.

Lavender + Frankincense CBD Relief Rub
Christopher I. (Chicago, IL)
Great product

I really like this product with this scent. It always offers some relief in my day. Regardless if it's muscle aches and pains, or medical tape-adhesive rash, it works great.


I absolutely LOVE Mad Rituals products! Their bath bombs and relief rubs are incredible. The scents smell great and are not too strong. The lavender+frankincense is my favorite, but they’re all great. It has definitely helped my shoulder pain this past year. I would recommend these products to anyone looking to try a natural pain relieving product!

CBD Relief Rub - Unscented
Rhonda M. (Durham, NC)
Helps ease pain.

The Relief Rub goes after pain at the source. I love that this is unscented. Helped my shoulder a lot!

The bomb.

These guys are PERFECT when you need some relief from sore muscles. They work great!!

Love the product but expensive!

Absolutely love these bath bombs. The fragrance and cvs content are incredible. I just wish the price point were lower so I could purchase and use regularly.

Hi Kara, Thanks so much for taking time to review our bath bombs and your feedback is much appreciated. We're working on a few new things so stay tuned!

CBD Relief Rubs
Larry L.C. (St Louis, MO)

Very good product smells great and relieves my pain

CBD Relief Rub - Unscented
Larry L.C. (St Louis, MO)

It is as good as the other rubs just no real smell. Even tho I like the scented ones too this one has no smell. But as with th e others scents this product really relieves my pain within minutes and helps keep me pain free all day

Thanks for being such a great customer, Larry!

really works

I was a little skeptical, I’ve tried cbd balms and salves before with not much luck, but my lower back had really been hurting and nothing was working so I gave these a try.
It felt better the first day and basically back to normal after the second day, I didn’t do anything special just rubbed it in lightly.

Thanks for taking time to review, Kimberly. We're so happy you found relief with Mad Ritual. The difference is our formula. We only use the highest quality ingredients for maximum results and I can't wait for you to try the new extra strength line!

best relief

my whole family loves this balm for after work, hiking, camping, snowboarding, running, backcountry skiing, swimming, wakeboarding, surfing, you get the idea. I also use it daily for certain areas that get chaffed or even on big bites. its a pretty cool product that everyone should check out

Do not leave home without it!

I am currently doing a 5k run streak, and I am over 200 days in. I can say that I rely on this product to keep me going. There are some days that my legs are just done, and I use Mad Ritual for every aching spot that comes up. I use both the extra strength and the full. 5 stars everyday!

CBD Relief Rubs
Ana S. (Alexandria, VA)
This is my second order

I am loving mad ritual - reordered a second time. Like the first one a little more. The lavender one is really good. The bergamot has a little strange smell, but it works very well! Would recommend!

Post-Run Recovery

A hot bath with a Mad Ritual bath bomb is the way I relax and recover after my weekend long run. Happy customer since 2019!

CBD Relief Rubs
Jo A.R. (Issaquah, WA)
Really great

I bought the extra strength relief rub and it works so well and very quickly. I will continue to use this product. I highly recommend it.

Love it!

If you have sore muscles, you need Mad Ritual. I leave it next to my bed and put it on before I go to sleep. I wake up feeling pretty dang good. Get some now!

Achilles rupture and surgery recovery

My husband tore his Achilles while at work. He had surgery a few months ago. We have been using Mad Ritual to help with soreness and swelling. It has made recovery a lot easier. We love the products!

EXTRA CBD - Bergamot + Orange Relief Rub
Larry L.C. (St Louis, MO)

Very good product

Great stuff!

This stuff works great for chronic pain related to fibromyalgia.

CBD Relief Rub - Unscented
SI D. (Seattle, WA)
Recovery and ready for the next workout

Relief Rub helps my older post op shoulder relax so it can recover for the next workout. Relieves the ache so I can sleep and get the recovery sleep that’s essential to better performance the next time.


I’m a trail runner and a runner in general. Also do a lot of core and weight work outs to support my running. I have found Mad Ritual Max strength works really well on my shoulders and hips. Any of my sore muscle groups really. Highly recommend. It smells great, not a strong odor at all. Easy to apply. I’ll be stocking up on this product. It’s going to be a busy racing schedule this summer!

EXTRA CBD - Bergamot + Orange Relief Rub
Emily N. (Oak Harbor, WA)
Orange DREAM

Love this extra strength bergamot-lime scent! It’s so creamy, works practically instantly and smells like a mild citrus grove. Not too strong of a scent. Perfect!!

CBD Relief Rub - Unscented
jacqueline h. (Tipp City, OH)
Full Strength

Tried the double strength this time. Works even longer on sore muscles.

Yes, yes and more yes!

💯 CBD pain reliever rub believer after using Mad Ritual

CBD Relief Rub - Unscented
Krissy B. (Sacramento, CA)
The Best

Soo, I’ve reviewed before, but I HAVE to review again! I recently purchased the new Extra Strength no scent balm. I had only used the different scented ones before & figured it’d be good to get a non scented one to try also (the more Mad Ritual, the better, right?). Well, I’m on chemo for a blood cancer & will be indefinitely (until there is a cure). When I get my injection, it leaves a rash at the injection site that itches like crazy & kind of swells. I didn’t want to use a scented balm on the area, just in case. I applied the Extra Strength no scent balm on the area & I’ll tell ya, it worked like a charm! I didn’t have to reapply as much as I would with an over the counter product & the raised portion went away in about a day (it usually lasts 2-3 days). I also get a migraine 1-3 days after chemo & scents are not what I want to smell during them. Using the no scent option really helped when I rubbed it on my forehead & temples. I have to take enough pills for my cancer, I don’t want to have to take another to make my headache/migraine go away. I hate taking pills as it is…even after 6 1/2 years.
I will always recommend Mad Ritual products to anybody dealing with aches, pains, rash, whatever! Best product out there in my opinion!!