SORE FROM LIFE? So are we!

We founded MAD RITUAL because we were tired of the outdated, ineffective recovery products.  Feeling better shouldn’t have to come with a plethora of potential negative side effects.

With this in mind, we began our mission to feel better by seeking out nature’s most powerful healing ingredients. We knew we wanted to work with CBD and we knew we wanted a kick-ass topical, so started playing in our kitchen until we got our formula juuuust right.

Using a suite of hydrating butters and oils, we finally created our dream product- effective in relieving multiple symptoms for everyday discomforts, fun to put on and smells AMAZING.

We put it to the test against aching feet and low back pain after long hours of bartending and more sudden and intense symptoms that come from ailments like migraine headaches and to our amazement...

IT WORKED. It friggin' worked! On all the things!



I know what you’re thinking- THEY’RE SCIENTISTS. The answer is no, we are not scientists, we are regular people who are sore from life, just like you. Slowly but surely we’ve turned our friends, co-workers, work out buddies and even our most skeptical family members into MAD RITUAL believers and guess what- you’re next!

We can’t wait for you to start your MAD RITUAL