Our Story

In late 2016, we decided to take the leap from the 9-5 and plunge into the unknown of entrepreneurship. Determined for more fulfilling work, we left the confines of our cubicles and ventured into a space where we saw huge potential to be of service: the cannabis industry. After a ton of coffee and brainstorming, we set out to create cannabis-wellness events for health-minded people who were curious about incorporating cannabis into their self-care routines. After a year of successful events, we learned what people were the most interested in: CBD.

 Fast forward to April 2018, when launched our first CBD product with the help of our dear friends at Bare Bones Body; a non-profit, vegan skin care company. We wanted to create a product that was clean, simple and effective and so Mad Ritual CBD Remedy was born.

 Mad Ritual is about being commitment to your movement. Moving your body is essential to a healthy and balanced life, which is why we strongly believe in prioritizing recovery to prevent injury and burn out. 

No corporate executives, no suits, no gimmicks, just two best friends who want to keep you doing what you love.