5-Step Hand Massage Guide

To get started, gather a nickel size amount of Mad Ritual Relief Rub and warm it by rubbing it between your fingertips.

1. Apply CBD Topical

Spread warmed Relief Rub along the forearm and on both sides of the hand.

2. Massage the Wrist

Starting with your hand palm down, make small circles around the wrist bone. Move up and down the wrist as you work. Then, turn your hand over and apply firm pressure as you stroke towards the palm and back to the wrist.

3. Back of the Hand

Turn your hand palm down again and massage the top of your hand using your thumb to apply pressure. Move from the top of the hand by the wrist down towards the knuckles.

The area between the bones in your hand tendons. When inflamed or injured, these tendons can trigger hand pain.

4. Rub Fingers

Starting with the pinkie, massage each finger. Gently pinch the base of the finger between the knuckles of your pointer and middle finger. Squeezing gently, slowly drag your knuckles down to the tip of the finger.

Pinch the webbing between fingers to massage tendons.

Finger joints are particularly susceptible to arthritis pain. Gently rub each joint to release tension.

5. Massage the Palm

Use firm, even strokes that move away from the wrist. Focus on the pad of the palm and the fleshy side of the hand. Finish by massaging the center of the palm using circular motions.

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