CBD x Muscle Recovery

Athletes at every level have praised CBD's positive effects on muscle recovery, adding to the breadth of anecdotal evidence of the benefits of CBD. Within the scientific community, multiple studies have shown CBD to be effective at reducing post-workout muscle stiffness and tension. CBD is also proven to improve the rate of muscle recovery in comparison to no intervention at all. The benefits of CBD for muscle recovery will continue to be studied for years to come as scientists delve deeper into cannabidiol oil's impact on the body's endocannabinoid system. 

For now, we know using CBD post-workout reduces inflammation, helping the body recover and ultimately build muscle.

What is Muscle Recovery?

Building muscle through exercise starts with breaking it down. Intense training causes trauma to muscle fibers - microtears which trigger the body's inflammatory response. Inflammation in the muscle tissue causes soreness and stiffness. While inflammation is the body's natural response to start the repair/recovery process, it causes discomfort which tends to set in several hours after exertion and can last 2-3 days. Muscle recovery repairs those microtears, allowing the body to build back stronger muscles to withstand the stress of future workouts.

CBD's Benefits for Muscle Recovery

Stiff, uncomfortable joints and sore muscles can increase the risk of injury. Stretching, warm-up and exercise form are all impacted by muscle aches and pains. CBD's anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects ease those aches and pains. By reducing inflammation, muscle fibers recover faster. Addressing muscle tension and soreness will have you feeling better both physically and mentally, allowing you to return to activity sooner - and with greater efficiency.

Topical CBD alleviates muscle tension, helps reduce muscle fatigue and reduces soreness associated with strenuous exercise. Mad Ritual Relief Rub is formulated to deliver broad spectrum CBD deep into those muscle fibers. The glide of oils and butters makes it easy to massage in relief right where you need it most. Massage thoroughly to increase circulation, help restore range of motion and ease discomfort. 

Being sore sucks. Recover like a rebel with Mad Ritual. 

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