5 Simple at Home Spa Ideas

In the spirit of self-care and social distancing, we've compiled 5 easy ways to treat yourself to a spa day at home. Taking time for yourself is hard when it feels like all we have now is time, but making a conscious effort to love yourself has serious benefits for the mind and body. Use a mental health day, weekend afternoon or set a spa date happy hour with yourself! 

1. Pick a Mood and Create an Atmosphere

Add essential oils to the diffuser, pour a glass of spa water, pick some relaxing tunes and set the tone for your spa date. Check out our favorite relaxing tunes for inspo. 

Spa Nature Sounds | Acoustic Folk | Soul Cleansing

2. Lavender & Chill Hand Mask

Hit the reset button and treat those dry, overworked, irritated hands to a luxurious CBD hand massage and mask. Soothing CBD along with relaxing essential oils will ease and moisturize achy hands while providing some luxurious aromatherapy. 

3. Milk Bath Recipe with Cornmeal Scrub

Chances are you already have these ingredients at home! Cleopatra gave milk baths their claim to fame and if it's good enough for Cleopatra, it's almost good enough for you. This classic milk bath recipe works to break down and remove dead skin leaving you, aka quarantine goddess, polished and moisturized. 

4. Invigorating Eucalyptus + Peppermint CBD foot mask 
Treat those toes! Start by stretching out her feet, rolling ankles and then go to town massaging Mad Ritual or any massage oil along arches, heels and toes to release pressure, improve circulation and soften up the soles that work so hard for you all day! Put on some fun socks and let it soak in. 

5. Snacks 
Very important - don't forget the snacks!


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