Tight Hip Flexors x CBD

Stiffness and pain in the hips can impact mobility and lead to pain throughout the body.

What Are Hip Flexors?

Hip flexors are a group of pliable muscles that allow you to move with efficiency and ease. These muscles help coordinate the top and lower portions of the body, playing a key role in bending down and lifting the legs.

  • The iliopsoas or iliacus: muscles designed to support your lower back
  • The rectus femoris: connects the pelvis to the knee
  • The sartorius: helps increase flexible movement in the legs
  • The pectineus: helps with thigh movement

Causes of Tight Hip Flexors 

  • sitting for extended periods of time
  • weak core strength
  • repetitive motion without counteracting movement
  • poor posture

Sitting for extended periods of time can cause the iliopsoas to atrophy. Not engaging your core or having weak core muscles causes the hip flexors to work overtime to stabilize the spine. The disproportionate workload on the hip flexors can cause pain and a tight sensation in the area. Sports like martial arts, dancing and running all involve repetitive motions that engage the hip flexors without counteracting movement.

Symptoms of Tight Hip Flexors

When hip flexors are tight, it can cause tension on the pelvic floor, pulls on the lower back and pelvis, and change the orientation of the hip socket; leading to knee pain, foot pain, bladder leakage and more.

Common symptoms include: sharp or sudden pain in the hip, pelvis or groin; cramping or sore muscles along the upper leg; pain in adjacent muscle groups like glutes or core; decreased strength along groin area; muscle spasms in hips or thighs; reduced mobility when you run, jump or kick; limping, stiffness or tightness after sitting; lower back pain; and tightness around the neck.

Stretching & Strengthening Tight Hip Flexors

Review our hip mobility checklist and common exercises used to engage and stretch our hip flexors.

Incorporate Mad Ritual CBD Relief Rub into a daily massage routine to improve blood flow and ease muscle tension. Our broad spectrum CBD will address inflammation and reduce discomfort.

Take breaks during the day to stand up and walk around. If your job is more physically demanding, incorporate counteracting movements throughout the day.

Always warm up and stretch prior to working out. Take time to cool down properly and stretch post-exercise as well.

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