Believe in the Run - CBD Pick

If you’re a runner, summer is the time to crank it up and get in some sunny and shirtless miles in preparation for the fall racing season. Post-long run aches and pains are coming and the CBD world is here for it.

If you’re considering some CBD recovery, check out Mad Ritual—their topical CBD balm contains base ingredients of coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, candelilla wax, and hemp-derived CBD oil. The list of ailments it treats is essentially endless, but it is especially useful for tendon and joint and muscle pain.

Keep reading to hear our actual thoughts on the product.

Thomas: CBD is everywhere! Ben & Jerry’s is even adding to ice cream (although tbh it’s shocking this hasn’t happened sooner)! If CBD can do all the wonderful things the industry is claiming, we will never be sick, injured, or have anxiety ever again. I have to admit, I am skeptical about CBD. I have used the extract from another company under my tongue and I have been sleeping well, but the salve benefits have been harder to gauge. To apply the CBD, you have to massage it in. Perhaps the massaging is part of what is relaxing for you?

These products have more ingredients than just the CBD oil, the perceived benefit could actually be coming from one of them. I enjoyed using the Mad Ritual product, but I can’t say 100% that I know if it actually did anything for me. I’d love to get other opinions. PS- CBD stuff is expensive.

Robbe: To be honest, I’ve always been on the “the people who CBD works for, are the people you’d think CBD would work for.” That is to say, they’re probably aiding their recovery with some THC on the back end as well, so how can I really trust their opinion.

I’ve been training for a 50-mile race recently, and have been dealing with a hamstring tendinopathy for months, that has a chain reaction with other aches and pains. Originally, I was only using CBD solely after a run; however, in the last week or so I started using it every day, sometimes twice a day. I have to be honest, it’s been feeling a lot better, and I’ve even been peaking in my mileage. So is it the balm or is it just something working itself out? Honestly, it’s hard for me to say definitively. I want it to be both; I’d love for the CBD to be the inflammation killer, but I also don’t want to spend $40 every month or two on CBD. But hey–if it works, it’s far cheaper than physical therapy.

Meaghan used it on her feet during marathon training and swear it helped (she was also originally skeptical).

Healing powers aside, Mad Ritual’s balm smells incredible. The lavender and frankincense is an excellent choice, as is the eucalyptus and peppermint. And the product lasts longer than you’d think, which is good—like most CBD products, the balm is a bit pricey at $40 for a 200mg tin.

Believe in the Run

June 6, 2019