Mad Rituals for Nursing Mamas

5 self care tips for nursing mamas and those concerned with breast health.

Self Care tips for breastfeeding1. KEEP IT CLEAN

Wash your hands thoroughly before feeding or pumping, change nursing pads and wash bras often to stave off bacteria. Cleanse nipples with warm water in the bath or shower; avoid using soap as it can be drying or irritating to this already sensitive area.

Breastfeeding Tips


You are feeding another human, this in itself is an absolute miracle. Stress can lead to a decrease in milk production. Take a hot shower or even better a hot bath to destress and release all of those feel-good hormones. Hot showers and baths also help relieve engorgement in the early days and encourage milk “let down.” 

Massage while breastfeeding


Using a topical massage product (our mamas love the unscented blend of Mad Ritual Balm) to massage breasts throughout the day and help with painful engorgement and prevent complications like mastitis. We also love it for the neck and shoulders, which can become sore while the body gets used to nursing positions.

Taking care of breasts

4. EAT!

Eating nutritious food and staying hydrated will help you keep up with all of the energy your body is expending to keep up with baby’s food supply. 


Asking for help can be tough, especially as a new mom. Ask parents, friends and partners if they’ll help with meals, laundry and chores in the first few weeks postpartum so you can relax and focus on caring for you and your new bundle of joy. 

*talk to your doctor or lactation consultant before using any products containing CBD while breastfeeding

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