Ultimate Hand Soak Routine

Joint stiffness, repetitive motion strain, muscle aches. Our hands are often the unsung heroes of daily tasks and exercise routines. Help sore hands recover faster with this application of topical cbd, moist heat and massage.

Select Your Blend

It all starts with our CBD Bath Bombs. Choose your preferred aromatherapy blend or keep it simple with our unscented bomb. For mild discomfort, break a 100mg bath bomb in half and save the rest for next time.

Unlock the Fizzy Goodness

Mad Ritual Bath Bombs are a made with a Super Clean formula that contains epsom salt, baking soda, coconut oil, full spectrum hemp oil and essential oils. Drop into a bowl or sink of warm water and let the fizzy goodness go to work softening the water and adding a special touch of relaxation.

Soak for ~ 15 Minutes

Keep hands submerged in a relaxed position. As you feel your muscles begin to relax, gently flex and close fingers to improve range of motion.

Apply Relief Rub

Dry hands, then apply Mad Ritual Relief Rub to moisturize skin and allow for easy removal of the paraffin wax.

Paraffin Dip

Dip hands into preheated paraffin wax bath. Build layers by repeatedly dipping your hands with fingers separated. Cover hands with a towel to trap heat.

Remove Wax & Massage

Remove towel and cooled wax after 10-15 minutes. Apply another layer of relief rub and follow our 5-step hand massage guide.

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